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When the client's existing website faced previous manipulations, they sought our expertise for dependable IT professionals. With numerous customized plugins in place, they required PHP development proficiency, WordPress platform understanding, and expertise in SEO and server administration. At Profi.Dev, we take responsibility for safeguarding your website's integrity and ensuring smooth operation. Our successful solutions include customized Google Drive integration, MailChimp integration for email templates, role-based user management, and an environmental reporting tool. We prioritize user interface and experience, conducting meticulous website redesigns for brand alignment and optimized satisfaction. Trust us for exceptional results and continuous support for your website's growth and success.

The Task

The client sought a reliable IT professional to provide ongoing maintenance for their existing website, which had been adversely affected by previous manipulations. With a multitude of customized plugins in place, the client required an individual with deep expertise in PHP development and a comprehensive understanding of the WordPress platform. Additionally, the chosen professional was expected to possess fundamental knowledge of SEO and server administration to ensure a holistic approach to website management.

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As the entrusted IT professionals, we shoulder the full responsibility of maintaining the client company’s website, ensuring its seamless functioning and minimizing any disruptions. Our expertise has been exemplified through the successful development of several complex solutions:

Customized Google Drive Integration

We developed a customized plugin that enables the seamless daily uploading of user data to the administrator’s Google Drive, leveraging the power of the available Google library. This solution ensures efficient data management and secure storage.

MailChimp Integration for Email Templates

To enhance communication with users, we created a custom plugin that integrates MailChimp’s convenient template builder. This integration allows the site to receive and send beautifully designed email templates to users upon registration, leveraging the MailChimp API.

Role-based User Management

We developed a plugin that assigns specific roles to registered users based on the information provided during registration. This plugin also enables the site to send targeted email templates using MailChimp. Each role on the site possesses distinct functionality, such as accessing courses or user databases. Administrators can easily assign roles and grant additional rights or restrictions as needed.

ReportTool for Environmental Efforts

We implemented a powerful tool called ReportTool, enabling registered companies to submit comprehensive reports on their environmental initiatives. This questionnaire-based tool utilizes conditional logic, dynamically displaying relevant questions based on previous responses. The collected data is stored in the database and can be exported for company reports and internal meetings.

Throughout our maintenance and improvement efforts, we also prioritized the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) aspects of the website. Recognizing the significance of a consistent brand identity, we conducted a comprehensive redesign that aligned the site’s appearance with the client’s established brand identity.

Beyond aesthetics, we diligently optimized the website’s layout, navigation, and overall user experience to create a seamless journey for visitors. By ensuring easy navigation and intuitive access to information, we enhance user satisfaction and support the broader business objectives of our client.

Introducing the New Website Version

After dealing with a previous setup that turned into a complete mess, including the absence of provided source files and compiled JavaScript/CSS files, we are proud to unveil the new version of our website. Built on the powerful Profi.Dev WordPress theme, this new iteration brings a host of improvements that elevate our website to new heights.

The primary focus during this revamp was enhancing the security and search engine optimization (SEO) of our website. We implemented robust security measures to ensure a safe browsing experience for our visitors. Additionally, we optimized our website’s structure and content to enhance its visibility and rank higher in search engine results, making it more discoverable for our target audience.

Furthermore, the new website version showcases a cohesive brand identity throughout its design and content. We have meticulously aligned various components to ensure consistent representation across different sections, providing a unified and seamless user experience.

We are excited to present this upgraded version of our website, reflecting our commitment to delivering a secure, user-friendly, and visually appealing online presence. Explore the new features and content, and experience the enhanced browsing experience firsthand.

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