Reengineering Real Estate: A Strategic Overhaul of Website Design for UX Brilliance and SEO Gains

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In this comprehensive case study, we explore the transformative journey of a real estate website, previously hindered by outdated designs and underperforming SEO. Our approach involved an in-depth overhaul, starting from the ground up. We prioritized user experience, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and minimalistic design philosophies. The implementation of advanced search functionalities and intuitive UI elements marked a new era in digital real estate solutions, significantly boosting organic traffic and user engagement.

The Task

When our client first approached us, their primary need was for support in addressing several urgent issues on their existing website. Upon a thorough examination of the project, we quickly recognized substantial opportunities for technical improvements. Additionally, it became evident that the website’s design was outdated, necessitating a comprehensive revamp to meet contemporary standards and enhance the overall user experience.

A key aspect of our client’s requirements was the improvement of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the optimization of website performance. This was particularly crucial given the significant impact of organic traffic on achieving their business goals.

In collaboration with our client, we concluded that a fundamental restructuring of the website was imperative. Our focus centered on redefining the site’s architecture and elevating its performance to not only meet but exceed current professional and industry benchmarks.

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Completion date: 20/11/2023

To meet our objectives, we developed a custom website theme in-house, utilizing Guttenberg blocks and incorporating only two essential plugins: ACF Pro and Yoast SEO. This strategy was chosen to maintain minimal plugin use, ensuring high page speed scores.

The website’s standout feature is its enhanced search functionality. Tailored for users seeking specific real estate listings or buildings, the search process has been streamlined for precision and depth, allowing users to find and explore options that match their interests. The system also smartly suggests similar listings, improving the user experience and offering a wider range of choices.

Significant design improvements were made on the listings and buildings pages, including the retention of the popular 3D tour feature from the previous site iteration. This allows for immersive virtual tours of properties.

We rigorously tested all website forms for responsiveness and reliability, aiming to eliminate any issues that could hinder user interaction. Our goal was a user-friendly environment where forms for inquiries, requests, or support are efficient and intuitive. This includes direct access for users to contact the principal broker.

A new feature for posting articles was introduced, providing a wealth of curated real estate content. This serves as a knowledge hub for users, covering topics like market trends, investment strategies, and legal advice.

We also added specialized calculators, customized to individual user needs, to enhance the overall user experience with practical solutions and advice relevant to real estate.

The outcome is a fresh, user-friendly website with excellent UX, high SEO scores, and improved performance. Our efforts resulted in increased user engagement, higher sign-up rates, prolonged search usage, and a consistent rise in organic traffic. The client expressed satisfaction with these results and the website’s overall delivery and performance.

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