Enhancing UX and SEO for a Flower Bulbs and Seeds Shopify Store

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Discover how we improved the user experience and search engine optimization for a flower bulb and seed retailer on Shopify. From resolving frontend challenges to implementing design enhancements and SEO improvements, our comprehensive solutions aimed to deliver a seamless navigation experience and increase organic traffic.

The Task

The client recently transitioned to Shopify as their platform for selling flower bulbs and seeds. As they embarked on this new journey, they were in need of a skilled developer to assist them with various tasks. Upon commencing the contract, they encountered challenges with breadcrumbs and required assistance with frontend tasks related to product filtering and the menu.

In their search for a reliable and proficient developer, the client sought someone who possessed a range of abilities. This included expertise in installing apps and themes, as well as proficiency in coding. They were looking for a professional who could effectively tackle these technical aspects of their Shopify store setup and customization.

Mobile view


Ensuring a seamless navigation experience for the customers was of utmost importance to the client. Therefore, we dedicated special attention to the filter functionality, which was built using metafields. However, users were consistently encountering issues with the user experience (UX) of the filter.

One prevalent problem was that users were unaware they could scroll to view additional options within the filter. Furthermore, the filter options were initially closed, leading to confusion and hindered usability. Additionally, the design of the filter did not align well with the overall website style. To address these issues, we identified the need for significant rework of the filter design.

Hence, our objective was to create a more elegant and cohesive filter design that seamlessly integrated with the website’s categories. By making these enhancements, we aimed to enhance the overall user experience, enabling customers to easily navigate and find relevant options while maintaining a visually appealing and consistent website style.

Furthermore, the client made the decision to enhance the visual appeal of the product card, aiming to create a more aesthetically pleasing layout. Additionally, they wanted to redesign the product page template specifically for certain products. To achieve this, we incorporated a variant selector that dynamically calculated relevant discounts. Furthermore, we revamped the product gallery section by introducing zoom functionality, providing customers with a closer look at the products.
To enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of the website, we implemented a Trustpilot reviews section, allowing customers to view and provide feedback on the products. Additionally, we added bullet points to highlight important information that the client could easily modify based on the product type and current sales season. This customization allowed for more dynamic and tailored product descriptions.

To improve the search visibility and ranking of the website, we worked on resolving any existing SEO issues. We meticulously implemented breadcrumbs and product schemas, optimizing the website’s structure and content to provide search engines with better understanding and context. These SEO enhancements aimed to boost the website’s search ranking and increase organic traffic.