The Critical Importance of Keeping Your Environment and Packages Up-to-Date

A Client’s Challenge with Outdated Software

We were approached by a former client we assisted a few years ago. They faced an issue with updating SQLAnywhere for PHP 8.1—a package known for its complexities. During our troubleshooting, we discovered that their server was still running CentOS 7, an outdated and unsupported operating system. Additionally, their cPanel was on version 110, the last version compatible with CentOS 7, which will reach its end of life on June 30, 2024.

We informed the client about the critical need to upgrade their server environment. They agreed, and we proceeded to set up a new server with a modern OS. However, to our surprise, their hosting provider only offered outdated OS images—CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, both of which had reached their end-of-life status. Moreover, the cost of these outdated services was 50-100% higher than the median market prices for modern solutions.

Given these constraints, we opted to update the necessary module on the old server. Setting up a new server with an outdated OS was not a viable option. Despite our recommendations, the client chose not to switch hosting providers due to perceived complexities.

The Risks of Outdated Software

This scenario highlights a common dilemma in many businesses: sticking with outdated software and infrastructure despite the risks of security vulnerabilities, potential malfunctions, and higher costs. Using obsolete systems exposes your business to increased threats of hacking and cyberattacks, compromises the functionality of your website or applications, and often involves higher maintenance costs.

Assessing Your Current Situation

When was the last time you audited your infrastructure or codebase to ensure it is up-to-date and secure? Many businesses neglect this crucial aspect, risking operational inefficiencies and security breaches.

Profi.Dev’s Seasonal Offer for Those Who Care

To help businesses address these challenges, we are offering a comprehensive audit of your infrastructure and software for just $99. This offer is valid until end of June 2024 only. Our audit includes a detailed assessment and a proposal of the necessary steps to enhance your system’s security and functionality. Should you decide to proceed with our recommendations, the audit fee will be deducted from the overall cost of the required operations.

Don’t wait until outdated software compromises your business operations. Contact us at Profi.Dev to schedule your infrastructure and software audit. Stay ahead of potential issues and ensure your business is running on secure, efficient, and modern systems.