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We optimized a prominent road management systems development company's Hubspot website, fine-tuning performance and implementing recommendations from Hubspot and external tools. Experience the Profi.Dev advantage for unparalleled online success.

The Task

Profi.Dev was approached by a prominent road management systems development company in need of our expert assistance with their Hubspot website. Their specific objective was to elevate their website’s SEO ranking by fine-tuning its performance and implementing recommendations from Hubspot itself, as well as external tools.

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Completion date: 26/01/2023

To achieve remarkable SEO and Core Web Vitals results, our team conducted a thorough investigation into the website’s performance. We employed a range of powerful tools, including:

Throughout the process, we identified additional performance-related challenges and swiftly resolved them. We optimized image minification, adjusted aspect ratios, and implemented lazy loading techniques. Addressing broken links and reducing security risks for links were also essential steps. Furthermore, we minimized page layout shifts, resulting in a minimal Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). To improve Time to Interactive (TTI) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), we disabled unnecessary features such as jQuery and ensured that captchas loaded only when users interacted with the form.

The outcome was truly impressive, with the website achieving significantly enhanced metrics. Our client was thrilled with the results, highlighting our successful collaboration.

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Client's Feedback

  • 5.0

    Thank you for your contribution! Great communication, great performance, all project goals were achieved.

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  • 5.0

    Great job! Very good communication and fast and competent implementation. He responded very well to my special requests during the project and always implemented them quickly and reliably.