Moorebot’s Mobile Scouting Robot Shopify Store

Desktop view


Discover how we revolutionized our client's business with a custom Shopify store. By reorganizing the structure and adding missing sections, we created a seamless shopping experience. We optimized performance and provided ongoing support for lasting success.

The Task

The client was in the midst of expanding his business and wanted to create a Shopify store to sell the robots with remote control. However, his team members discovered that the available template did not fulfil their requirements, so custom coding was required to meet their needs. The initial goal was to make a store look like their Amazon page, hence reorganise the structure, add some sections which the selected template didn’t offer by default.

Mobile view


Completion date: 26/01/2023

During the initial phase, we conducted a thorough examination of the chosen theme, identifying missing sections that required customization: video integration, properties overview, documentation overview, slider, and FAQ. With meticulous coding, we seamlessly integrated these elements, meeting the client’s specifications.

Addressing the client’s concern over low pagespeed scores, we extensively researched website performance metrics. Our analysis revealed that transitioning from the existing theme to a custom one would be more feasible to achieve higher scores. The client agreed with our recommendation, validating the proposed solution.

After finalizing and approving the design for all pages, we commenced the development of an interactive store. With completion and launch, customers gained effortless access to browse and purchase robots, enhancing their shopping experience.

To ensure a smooth post-launch journey, we provided comprehensive post-maintenance support. This encompassed issue resolution, necessary updates, and timely assistance. Our unwavering commitment was to maintain optimal performance and ensure the long-term success of the newly launched Shopify store.