HappyHealthyYou Shopify Plus Store Enhancements

Desktop view


Shopify Plus store, which was improved to ensure high usability level and deliver a truly exceptional user experience. Algolia search integration was implemented and revamping the product page template was completed to elevate the overall website navigation and ensure customer satisfaction.

The Task

Already existing store Happyhealthyyou placed on Shopify Plus plan had already achieved significant traffic and high conversion rates prior to our involvement.

However, driven by a commitment to excellence, the owner wanted to ensure that his clients have a wonderful experience while navigating the website pages. Therefore, he asked us to work on additional features, among which the integration of Algolia search stands out. Most importantly, the shop page and product page templates were revamped.


Completion date: 09/06/2022

The following results were achieved by our team:

  1. The main website update included the integration of InstantSearch functionality, leveraging the power of Algolia collections accessed through the Shopify app Algolia. This enhancement allows for the seamless display of products, articles, pages, and recipes in real-time search results. Furthermore, the output template has been modified to ensure a visually appealing and optimized presentation of the search results, providing users with a more intuitive and efficient browsing experience.
  2.  As part of the website update, the product page template underwent a complete rebuild, using the design specifications provided in Figma. The objective was to enhance the structure and organization of product information, ensuring that essential sections are prominently displayed and effectively draw the user’s attention. By aligning the design with Figma’s guidelines, the updated product page template delivers a more visually appealing and user-centric experience, enabling users to easily access and absorb key details about the product.

The work was completed on a theme duplicate to avoid site glitches and downtimes, and then theme was published upon client’s approval.