BPD Website’s Drupal to WordPress Migration

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Migration from Drupal to WordPress using Profi.Dev custom theme, built with ACF Pro and Gutenberg blocs in order to facilitate the website management and make it easy to support the website in-house.

The Task

Upon receiving feedback from the client regarding the limitations and complexity of their existing website’s backend management system based on Drupal, we conducted a thorough investigation of the technologies and approach employed during its development.

After careful consideration, we recommended a revamp of the website using WordPress, which proved to be an ideal solution for the client. By migrating to WordPress, we ensured that the client would benefit from a more flexible and user-friendly platform, empowering their in-house content editor to effortlessly add articles to the blog and update website content with just a few clicks. This transition not only improved the ease of content management but also provided a more streamlined and efficient workflow for the client’s internal team.

We also advised the client to adjust the existing colour schema in order to make the website more eye-pleasant and accessible to users with disabilities or impairments, however the decision was to put it off until later, when working on version 2.

Mobile view


  1. The website was originally built using the Profi.Dev WordPress theme, leveraging the power of Gutenberg blocks and the ACF Pro plugin, which not only ensured exceptional performance but also resulted in impressive page speed scores.
  2. The admin panel was specifically designed to provide the client with effortless management of website content, layout, and functionality. Its intuitive interface offers seamless control over various website elements, including text, images, menus, and page templates.
  3. To guarantee optimal user experience across all devices, extensive efforts were made to resolve mobile responsiveness issues. Sections that were previously compromised on lower screen resolutions were meticulously reworked to ensure consistency and visual appeal. Additionally, a thorough cross-browser check was performed, addressing any compatibility issues identified specifically on Safari
  4. Particular attention was given to the articles migration from Drupal to WordPress and the overall website optimization (images rework, loading time decreasing etc)
  5. In order to empower the client’s team to manage and update the website independently, comprehensive training materials and documentation were provided, ensuring they possess the necessary knowledge and skills for future content edits and additions.
  6. Post-launch, our commitment to support remained steadfast. Ongoing assistance and support were extended to address any technical issues, answer questions, and provide guidance in maintaining the website’s functionality and performance. Our dedicated team is always ready to lend a helping hand and ensure the client’s continued success with his website.

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