Benisouk: Moroccan Vintage Rugs Shopify Store

Desktop view


Engaging Shopify website that improves conversion rates, provides up-to-date and visually appealing information, and simplifies content management while introducing and highlighting new offerings.

The Task

The main task was to enhance the existing website, originally built on Debutify theme, with new features in order to attract more customers by making the website more eye-catching and interactive.

The project started with the identification of the specific features or functionalities that need to be added to the website. This was done through discussions with stakeholders, analyzing user feedback, also conducting market research to understand the needs and expectations of the target audience. It was essential to follow best practices and coding standards to ensure scalability, maintainability, and compatibility with the existing website structure.

After the new features are developed, our team needed to monitor the performance and functionality after deployment, as well as provide ongoing support to address any post-deployment issues, bugs, or user queries related to the new features.


Completion date: 01/05/2023

More intuitive website with the increased traffic and conversion. The information presented on the website became up-to-date, comprehensive, and visually appealing to attract potential customers and generate interest. The process of managing and updating website content was simplified and improved. New features helped to introduce and highlight new products, services, or offerings on the website. Among them, the most essentials are as follows:

  1. Custom menu

    This feature allows administrators to have the freedom to choose which pages, images, posts, or categories to include or exclude from the navigation menu. They can prioritize certain items, rearrange them, or even add custom links to external websites.

  2. Updated gallery

    On a product page template which ensures smooth user experience on all devices. Includes full view mode and zoom functionality.

  3. Price calculator

    Killer feature for custom products which offers unique possibilities to order a custom sized rug, choose its decoration elements and see the price for all chosen options right away!
    A custom private app was created specifically for the Shopify platform and hosted on the client’s server. This app enables the generation of new products based on user-selected options, which are then seamlessly added to the cart. Additionally, the app includes a functionality that prevents the creation of duplicate products by performing checks to ensure that no identical product has been previously generated.

  4. Choosing the appropriate apps for the Cart drawer (Slide cart drawer), Wishlist (iWish), Filters and Search features (Ultimate search filter), setting them up with further maintenance.
  5. Work on multi-lingual functionality and localisation: creation of one more store (based on Ella theme) which is a French version of the main site.
  6. Relevant documentation was updated, including user manuals, guidelines, to reflect the changes made to the website.
  7. Training and support materials were provided for website administrators or content creators to effectively manage and update the website.